Print Journalism Forever

Will print journalism become extinct ? That’s the question on every ones mind.The oldest form of journalism which bought changes to the world is far from becoming extinct.People opt for multimedia and broadcast journalism due to the glamour and technology involved in those fields.But they don’t understand the fact that the basic of journalism is in the form of print no other alternative can replace it.No matter whether anyone is a Multimedia or Broadcast Journalist,without the knowledge of Print journalism no one can survive in the other fields as print journalism involves editing and story mapping which are core aspects of journalism.

The advantage of being a print journalist is that after a few years of experience in print you can shift to broadcast or multimedia. You wont have to learn anything new as your stint as print journalist provides with all the rich experience to come out good in other journalism fields.The most prominent aspect of being a print journalism is that it helps you when you are writing a novel or a book as you have a fair amount of experience as a writer.As long as people search for their early morning news papers print journalism will live on forever.



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